Drug & Alcohol Testing 24/7 is committed to the highest standards of professional and organizational ethics:

  • Our team will consistently treat all persons with dignity, respect and courtesy.
  • We strive to provide services in accordance with accepted standards of collection, testing and reporting of results.
  • We are committed to affordable services and a professional level of consistency in providing that service.
  • We do not discriminate, in either the provision of services or employment practices, on the basis of race, creed, nationality, religion or sex.



Drug & Alcohol Testing 24/7 affirms that the confidentiality and privacy of personal information may not be compromised. Donor information will not be released beyond Drug & Alcohol Testing 24/7 without the written permission of the Donor or legally authorized representative. Access to Donor information within Drug & Alcohol Testing 24/7 is restricted to those individuals responsible for collections, rapid testing and reporting of results to the designated employer representative. Any breach of confidentiality will be administratively addressed.

To improve quality and ensure public confidence, Drug & Alcohol Testing 24/7 will participate with other institutions in quality improvement projects and maintain accreditation through professional review organizations.

All communications, including internal reports and promotional materials, will accurately represent Drug & Alcohol Testing 24/7’s services, capabilities and performance.


Resolution of Conflicts

Whenever a conflict arises between a Donor and a staff member, every effort will be made to resolve the matter in a manner that respects the desires of the Donor, the integrity of the persons involved and Drug & Alcohol Testing 24/7’s fiduciary relationship to the people it serves.


Fair Billing Practices

Drug & Alcohol Testing 24/7 is committed to providing an affordable and accessible service. All charges will be itemized. We will only charge for services provided. Remittance is appreciated Net 15 days. After 30 days, late fees may be added to invoices not paid.