Drug & Alcohol Testing 24/7 is the only clinic in the area offering testing for unique circumstances and legal situations.  We can provide testing for the following:

  • Probation and Parole
  • Family Court Cases
  • District Attorney’s Office
  • Respite & Transition
  • Wisconsin DSPS
  • Recovery Trek
  • Iowa Board of Nursing
  • Affinity

Please contact us to start the conversation.

We will need to speak with you before your first visit.   This is to discuss pricing, ensure that we perform the correct tests and provide results of those tests to the appropriate parties.    If you arrive and we have not had a conversation with you prior to your arrival, we will not be able to provide testing services for you.


Testing for personal reasons are for you if there is no Attorney involved, no court case filed and you are not required to test for any legal action or agency. Personal test results will be delivered Verbally only.

Please call the office to speak to a Technician about the tests we have available and pricing.  Generally speaking, we can have results in as little as 24 – 36 hours.