Drug & Alcohol Testing 24/7, LLC was established in May 2009 by Terri Kelso, B.A.T.T and Phlebotomist, to specifically address the growing need for drug and alcohol testing in the private sector.

Though drug testing has been happening within government agencies since the 1970’s, it has become increasingly popular in the private company workplace.

Federal Regulations were established in the early 90’s and in the interest of public safety, Mandatory Drug & Alcohol Testing enforcement was implemented in 1992.

The Agencies involved in Mandatory Federal Drug and Alcohol Testing are:

FMCSA – Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (truck drivers)

FTA – Federal Transit Administration (Mass Transit)

FRA – Federal Railroad Administration

FAA – Federal Aviation Administration

USCG – United States Coast Guard

PHMSA – Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration