Our goal is to serve your needs as quickly as possible. Below are some ways that you can make the visit more efficient by preparing ahead.

Please bring these items with you, they are needed to properly process your documents and your test:

Valid photo identification:

  • Must not be expired.
  • No photocopies or pictures of your identification card are considered valid.

Acceptable forms of a valid photo identification:

  • Drivers license
  • State issued identification card
  • Military identification card
  • Passport

Employer issued identification card are accepted for the following test types:

  • Random
  • Return to Duty
  • Follow up
  • Post-accident
    NOTE: You may not use a current Employer identification card for a pre-employment test for a new employer


Refrain from consuming alcohol at least 12 hours prior to your visit. Our equipment is extremely efficient at the detection of alcohol. An EBT (Evidentiary Breath Tester) can detect one-thousandth of a percent of alcohol in the body.

Using mouthwash and toothpaste will not affect your test. If you have dentures or partials, please clean them as recommended by your dental professional.

Please bring your appointment number, found in your confirmation email, with you along with a valid ID.

You are encouraged to wash, dry and style your hair as you normally do. Using hair care products will not affect your test.

It is recommended that you understand the requirements of testing from the employer. If you are expected to provide a hair sample, please do not cut your hair prior to the date of collection of the hair sample. Labs need a minimum of 1.0 inch to 1.5 inches of hair for a valid sample.

We are also able to collect facial hair, (mustache or beards), arm hair and leg hair.

Please bring your confirmation email with you. It is needed to properly process your documents. Printing out the email is not necessary as long as the email can be clearly read via a mobile device.

Please do eat and drink before arriving for your drug screen urine collection. Food ensures that we do not obtain a diluted urine sample and adequate hydration ensures that we obtain a satisfactory amount of urine.

Diluted samples are often rejected by employers. Some employers will let you retest and some will not. Drug & Alcohol Testing 24/7 does not have information regarding the employers who will or will not accept a diluted sample or let you retest. A diluted urine sample is considered a way to tamper with a urine specimen and could be considered a positive drug test result.

If you are unable to provide an adequate specimen, we will ask you to remain at the clinic until you can. The staff will provide coffee, juice or water to assist you, though you will not be permitted to consume more than 40 ounces of liquid, and you will not be permitted to leave the facility until the sample is obtained.

If you choose to leave before the collection procedure is complete, the technician is required to contact the employer to alert them that you have left the clinic.

If you have not already scheduled your health evaluation, you should visit www.myinteractivehealth.com. As a Client of Drug & Alcohol Testing 24/7 LLC, if you wish to contact Interactive Health for information about their health services, please call (866) 279-1636.

If you have any questions, please contact us before you arrive for your visit.